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Created by Cosmo Catalano

About BrainHole

BrainHole is a free, open-source solution to provide your readers relevant, sharable content from ClickHole. The code is open source, and you can use it for any purpose, personal or commercial.

The sophisticated algorithm at the core of BrainHole is engineered for virality and delivers resonant content for all social media networks.

By leveraging the powerful development tools in ClickHole's back-end, BrainHole can be fully customized, or as simple as inserting a single line of code.

Use BrainHole

You can embed BrainHole by pasting either of the code snippets below into your website:

<iframe src="" width="750px" style="background-color: #fff;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

<iframe src="" width="400px" style="background-color: #fff;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

You can also use BrainHole's source code to build your own custom application:

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Contact Cosmo Catalano

I'm a web developer based in Fort Collins with a fondness for elaborate, functional Internet jokes. I also ride bicycles and produce videos.