Watch this space

This is where I've stashed all the Strava stuff because I felt like it should be centralized. This will be cooler-looking later.

  • The Strava Club Leaderboards. Finally, a reason to pay attention to your Strava club!
    Accumulates API data from a given club and makes standings based on training. Updates about hourly.
    It's a full-featured web app (and the reason why you're here)—RSS feeds, widgets, and very pretty if I do say so myself.

  • The GPX export tool. It's still the only way to download someone else's ride off of Strava.
    Plus you can export specific segments for course recon, specific efforts to compete against the current KOM time, then there's more data (heart rate, cadence, temperature)…

  • The TCX export tool. Same as above but for Garmin's proprietary-ish TCX format.
    That means marginally better compatability with their devices, and more significantly, wattage data—including the powermeter-less "watts" that Strava's algorithm infers.

  • And of course more fun stuff coming down the pike…
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