Detailed Instructions

This tool takes the data of a segment, ride, or effort from a URL on Strava and downloads it to your computer as a TCX or GPX file.

Export an effort
An effort is a specific performance on a segment, exported from URLs like: Export a ride
A ride is a full workout, incluing effort data for every segment it overlaps. Ride URLs look like: GPX files from stationary rides are assigned arbitrary lat/lng data (required for validity).

Export a Segment
A segment is a secton of road/trail without performance data, exported from URLs like: TCX files from segments are assigned time and performance values of 0 (required for validity).

More info
All ride and effort exports contain the following data:
  • time
  • latitude and longitude
  • elevation
  • temp (GPX only, when available)
  • watts (TCX only, power meter if available, Strava-generated otherwise)
  • heartrate (when available)
  • cadence (when available)

Due to technical limitations, the calories value for all exports is 0 and activity types are exported as "Other".

Despite validating against Garmin's own TCX and GPX schemas, some sites and programs may not properly read the files this tool exports. Let Cosmo know if that happens.