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Hup United

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Archives: Feb '12
Cosmo made this to shame you into riding more.
He also lets you export TCX files and has a pretty good cycling blog.

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Current Clubs

360 Sports
6K Club
787 Cycling
Above Category Racing
Adelaide Cyclists
Albatross MTB club
Australian Defence Cycling Club
Bagelry Bikers
Balance Cycling
Balmoral Cycling Club
Benidorm Racing
Berkeley Bike Club (BBC)
Beta Boys
Bigfoot Cycle Club
Bike Forums
Bikereg.com Cycling Club
Bikes For Boobs
Boulder Cycle Sport
Bray Wheelers CC
Brighton Mitre CC
Bristol Road Club
Cal Coast Bicycles
Cannibal Velo Club
Carrigdhoun CC
Castro Valley Cyclery
CDU Racing
Central Ohio Strava Road Warriors
Central Wheel "un hôpital pour les vélos"
Century Road Club of America (CRCofA)
Chain Reaction Challenge (NSW)
Cheshire Cycle and Repair
Cyc'd Cycling Club
Cycle Folsom
D12 Bikes and Gear
Dartmouth Cycling Team
Davis Bike Club Race Team
Dawn Patrol MTB
DG Cycle Sports
Dolce Vita Cycling
Dulwich Paragon
Endless Cycles
Escala Studio
Essendon Cyclery
Essex County Velo
Ex Has Beens That Never Were
Fair Weather Cycling Club
Geekhouse Racing
GlobalBike CLT
Glotman Simpson Cycling
Graceville Gruppetto
Gran Fondo New York
Green Line Velo driven by Zipcar
GS Boulder
Harpoon B2B
Hells 500
High Barnet Velo
House that Merckx Built
Hup United
HUP United - New England
Kingston Wheelers
LDTR - Lysterfield District Trail Riders
Limited Edition Cycling
Low Key Hillclimbers
Maccabi Cycling Club
Mad Alchemy - Verge Cooperative
Metromint Cycling
Minuteman Road Club
Mission Cycling
Monadnock Cycling Club
Monkey Button Racing
Moynalty Cycling Club
NEMBA Racing
Nerd Ride
NorEast Cycing
Northampton Cycling Club
Northeast Bicycle Club pb Cycle Loft
Orange Coast Velo
Oregon Enduro Series
Orwell Wheelers
Peninsula Velo Cycling Club
Personal Best Cycling Services
Portland Velo
Princeton University Cycling
QMUL Cyclists
Quadzilla Racing
Redliners - On The Rivet Cycling
Ride Studio Cafe
Riders of 805 818 310
Rio Strada Racing
Riverland Cycling Club
Road Rage
Rogue Racing Project
Rogues Racing
Royal Screw Velo Club
SA Goons
San Diego Bicycle Club
San Diego Velo Social
Sarum Cycling Team
SC Velo
Sky Velo
Smiling for Smiddy
South Coast United Mountainbikers
South Perth Rouleurs
South West Cycle Club
Sportsklubben Rye
Squadra Coppi Vapiano USA
St Kilda Cycling Club (SKCC)
Stevens Speed Shop
Strava Ambassador Team
Sufferlandrian National Team
Surf City Cyclery
Swords Cycling Club
Sydney Cycling Club
Sydney Cyclist
Tarmac Cycling Iron Bridge Consulting
Team Bicycles Plus Sierra Nevada
Team Calistoga
Team Diablo
Team Roaring Mouse
Team Seven Cycles
Team Specialized
Team Strava
Team Zilla
The Chain Gang Cycling Club
The Pony Shop
The Ride on Washington 2012
The Rippers
Thumbprint Racing
Tom's Bicycles Racing Team
Tour de Munster
Tower Racing
Tracy Riders Cycling Club
Tri Valley Velo
Unite in the Fight
Upper Echelon Fitness
Velo Veneto
Veloce Racing
Velocipede Salon
Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling Team
Vertical Pandas
Victory Velo Racing Team
Waratah Veteran Cyclists Club
WebcorAlto Velo
West Sacramento Cycling Club
Last Update: Jun 28, 2012 - 1:10pm EDT


Why aren't I showing up?

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You can add yourself to the leaderboard going into Settings > Privacy in your Strava account, and selecting "Your profile and all of your activities can be seen by anyone". Keep in mind that this will made public data that had been hidden before.

Last Update: Jun 28, 2012 - 10:10am EDT
Chip Lomas
26,939ft in 8 rides, avg gain 3,367ft
8,211m in 8 rides, avg gain 1,026m
Matt Schwartz
25,102ft in 9 rides, avg gain 2,789ft
7,651m in 9 rides, avg gain 850m
Greg Klingsporn
19,577ft in 7 rides, avg gain 2,797ft
5,967m in 7 rides, avg gain 852m
Wesley Hodgson
7,720ft in 6 rides, avg gain 1,287ft
2,353m in 6 rides, avg gain 392m
pack fodder
pack fodder
pack fodder
Last Update: Jun 28, 2012 - 10:10am EDT
Chip Lomas
477.01mi in 8 rides, avg ride 59.63mi
767.67km in 8 rides, avg ride 95.96km
Matt Schwartz
338.45mi in 9 rides, avg ride 37.61mi
544.68km in 9 rides, avg ride 60.52km
Greg Klingsporn
212.28mi in 7 rides, avg ride 30.33mi
341.64km in 7 rides, avg ride 48.81km
Wesley Hodgson
163.02mi in 6 rides, avg ride 27.17mi
262.36km in 6 rides, avg ride 43.73km
pack fodder
pack fodder
pack fodder
Last Update: Jun 28, 2012 - 10:10am EDT
Chip Lomas
32:00:24 in 8 rides, avg 4:00:03
Matt Schwartz
23:32:47 in 9 rides, avg 2:36:58
Greg Klingsporn
14:58:26 in 7 rides, avg 2:08:20
Wesley Hodgson
11:16:29 in 6 rides, avg 1:52:44
pack fodder
pack fodder
pack fodder
Last Update: Jun 28, 2012 - 10:10am EDT
100%of riders active

[rival clubs]

173) The Pony Shop31 rides
174) Team Calistoga31 rides
175) Hup United30 rides
176) TeamRoffa27 rides
  13) BBCC100% active
  14) Blekko100% active
  15) Hup United100% active
  16) Team Seven Cycles100% active
  17) Carrigdhoun CC100% active
as of Jun 28, 2012 - 1:10pm EDT - overall leaders
79,338feet climbed
19,835feet per rider
24,182meters climbed
6,046meters per rider

[rival clubs]

147) Tarmac Cycling Iron B... 81,004ft 24,690m
148) Bray Wheelers CC 80,712ft 24,601m
149) Hup United 79,337ft 24,182m
150) Tracy Riders Cycling C... 78,520ft 23,933m
151) Stevens Speed Shop 78,143ft 23,818m
  41) Bray Wheelers CC 20,178ft 6,150m
  42) House that Merckx Buil... 19,930ft 6,075m
  43) Hup United 19,834ft 6,046m
  44) Sportsklubben Rye 19,759ft 6,023m
  45) Team Seven Cycles 19,700ft 6,005m
as of Jun 28, 2012 - 1:09pm EDT - overall leaders
1,191miles ridden
297.69miles per rider
1,916kilometers ridden
479.09kilometers per rider

[rival clubs]

163) Rogues Racing 1,249mi 2,009km
164) Monadnock Cycling Club 1,232mi 1,983km
165) Hup United 1,191mi 1,916km
166) SPEEDFIX Racing 1,155mi 1,859km
167) Monkey Button Racing 1,151mi 1,852km
  74) Balance Cycling 299mi 482km
  75) VSRT 299mi 482km
  76) Hup United 298mi 479km
  77) Team Strava 294mi 473km
  78) Squadra Coppi Vapiano... 293mi 471km
as of Jun 28, 2012 - 1:09pm EDT - overall leaders
81:48hours of training
20:27:01hours per rider

[rival clubs]

152) Berserkly 88h25m
154) Hup United 81h48m
155) Carrigdhoun CC 80h04m
  54) CuBeCyCl 20h31m
  56) Hup United 20h27m
  57) Harpoon B2B 20h24m
  58) VSRT 20h19m
as of Jun 28, 2012 - 1:09pm EDT - overall leaders

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